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Keywords Induction furnace route Dephosphorization Synthetic slag Neutral lining Double slagging The main electric furnaces that are used in secondary steelmaking to produce steel are induction furnace and electric Limestone and dolomite are used as flux for de sulphurization in sponge iron making process

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or lime is the major flux component with some dolomite dolomitic lime silica alumina and fluorspar being used Limestone and dolomite fluxes used for ironmaking and steel making in the United States originate Simultaneous desulfurization and dephosphorization can also be accomplished with soda ash sodium nbsp

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The furnace crucible is lined with neutral ramming mass suitable for refining of steel for dephosphorization with basic slag DRI and Mill Scale 3 Before starting the furnace the To maintain the basicity of slag required amount of calcium oxide can be supplied in the bath using lime and dolomite High oxidation potential of nbsp

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time electricity and lime consumption ability of dephosphorization and desulphurization and contents of harmful heavy metal elements were analyzed ac cording to more than a year of industrial practice in a 50 t electric arc furnace Meanwhile the economic assessment of the new EAF steelmaking process was

Production of low Phosphorous Steel in Basic Oxygen Steelmaking

properties Ductility Toughness and Strength For special applications Automobiles EDD Applications P lt 0 010 Increasing proportion of continious cast heats where high temperature at end point is not favouable for dephosphorisation High phosphorous heats causes more breakouts in continious casting due to nbsp

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process is helpful to reduce the cost in iron and steel production In this research the converting process of a 60t converter from a steelmaking plant was studied by which the calculation and analysis on slag quantity was carried out Consequently the policy of decreasing the amount of caustic calcined dolomite while nbsp

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9 Nov 2017 The steel industry cannot be conceived without the use of lime ever present during the whole steel making process A transformation which needs other products that are also available from Calcinor such as calcined dolomite and refractories Steel making up to the present today La Real Academia de nbsp

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22 Nov 2017 Though a little quantity of it is used in sinter making the dephosphorisation is essential to improve its utilisation The paper gives an overview of different approaches taken worldwide by several investigators for dephosphorisation of LD slag which makes it possible to be reused in iron and steel making

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The review extends to the phosphorus removal processes of this mineral to meet the specifications of the steel industry Phosphorus is a contaminant that can be Zhang and Muhammad 1989 used nitric acid to remove phosphorus from the iron ore of the Kiruna region Sweden A concentrate of sinter moist and without nbsp

Limestone and dolomite flux and their use in iron and steel plant

8 May 2013 Limestone and dolomite flux and their use in iron and steel plant Limestone is a naturally occurring mineral The term limestone is applied to any calcareous sedimentary rock consisting essentially of carbonates The ore is widely available geographically all over the world Earth 39 s crust contains more than nbsp

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A variety of lime products and blended lime products are used in the production of steel In the electric arc furnace practice it is as well as materials being used for dephosphorization The equation of removing R J Fruehan Y Li an L Brabie Dissolution of Mangesite and Dolomite in Simulated EAF Slags ISS Tech nbsp

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addition of lime or dolomite ▫ This is a highly which can be used for on line monitoring and control of the process behaviour ▫ with focus on dephosphorisation mass balance for metal bath and slag oxygen and inertgas flow charged amounts and analyses offgas flow and analysis bath temperature oxygen balance

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26 Mar 2013 Steel making by Induction Furnace Though induction furnaces are being used since a long time the production of mild steel by the induction furnace IF is relatively a very recent phenomenon Induction furnaces work on the principle of electromagnetic induction which was discovered by Michael Faraday

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1 Aug 2015 Some oxides are acidic in nature which can react with the basic refractories of the converter and hence a basic slag using lime and calcined dolomite is The balance of oxygen activity in the steel and slag can be related in the oxidation phase as well as materials being used for dephosphorization

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Indian context dephosphorization of liquid steel can also not be considered because of its adverse o Low tapping temperature and concurrent usage of a ladle furnace Dolomite 10 0 090 0 009 0 32 Assumptions Sinter in burden 52 Coke rate 670 kg thm Table 4 Hot metal phosphorus in various plants Plant

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9 Jan 2013 Steels may contain many other elements such as AI Si Mn S P etc which are not added specifically for any specific purpose but are inevitably present For encouraging quick formation of the appropriate type of slag lime dolomite other fluxing agents with adequate reactivity are added right from the nbsp

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In the Soviet Union some experimental production of steel using the process was done in 1934 but industrial use was hampered by lack of efficient technology to produce liquid oxygen In 1939 the Russian physicist Pyotr Kapitsa perfected the design of the centrifugal turboexpander The process was put to use in nbsp

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MnO tends to retard the dephosphorization of the bath Mn could be 0 5 to 0 8 Temperature of hot metal at charging is around 1250℃ to 1300℃ Proportion of hot metal in the charge is 75 90 Fluxes Commonly used lime limestone dolomite to bring down the softening point of the oxides to reduce the viscosity of slag nbsp

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The impurities are removed when the iron is eventually melted and purified to produce steel normally in an electric arc furnace Thus the main slag former in iron making is limestone or dolomite rather than lime dolomitic lime There are however some smaller uses of lime in ironmaking Iron ores are usually purchased as nbsp

Removal of Phosphorous From Steel Produced by Melting Sponge

induction furnace The charge mixes used are cast iron sponge iron and steel scrap Amount of sponge iron in the charge mix is considered 50 Degree of dephosphor ization is discussed in terms of phosphorous distribution ratio In subsequent work phosphate capacity and chemical equilibria of dephosphorization nbsp

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Refractory Magnesia calcium mainly made from magnesium sand and synthesized magnesium dolomite sand is a kind of alkaline refractories and contains CaO In light of the above mentioned facts magnesia calcium refractories are the best choice for desulfurization and dephosphorization of molten steel

degradation mechanisms of basic refractory materials during the

10 Dec 2010 However the majority of stainless steel producers uses the argon oxygen decarburisation AOD process nitrogen grades utilisation of other gases dephosphorisation gas control systems and finally refractory grade grain 60 wt CaO 40 wt MgO requires the dolomite to be calcined once or nbsp

Possible Uses of Steelmaking Slag in Agriculture An Overview

16 Mar 2012 or dolomite fluxes are added into the blast furnace where they react with iron ore impurities such studies based on the use of slag in agriculture will be considered which treat the use of steel slags for dephosphorisation process on the other hand they are too low for slag use as phosphatic fertiliser

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340 Assumptions No furnace slag was carried over into the ladle The recovery of Al in the steel was 25 conversion factor for Al to Al2O3 is 1 89 The mass balance approach is used to calculate contributions of the various components CaO Contributions Lime 700 x 1 700 Dolomite 500 x 0 6 300 Ca Aluminate


Basic Oxygen Furnace BOF also known as LD converter is a steel making furnace in which hot metal from the blast furnace – with some amounts of steel scrap Dolomite A natural sedimentary rock consisting principally of the mineral dolomite CaMg CO3 2 It is used in the manufacture of cement as a building stone nbsp


2 2 2 Dephosphorization Kinetics During Post Blow Stir These oxides combine with previously charged oxides e g lime and dolomite to form a liquid slag which floats on the surface Dephosphorization during the latter part of the basic oxygen steelmaking process is very important because the conditions are


In a charge of a steel making furnace pig iron is used in liquid form if loaded into EAF then in form of LD process uses pure oxygen for refining of steel oxygen is blown under the surface of bath from above and to finish dephosphorization raw dolomite magnesite or other lime is charged onto a charge Oxygen nbsp

Chemical Mineralogical and Morphological Properties of Steel Slag

27 Jul 2011 CaO in the form of burnt lime or dolomite is either introduced to the furnace together with the scrap or is blown into the furnace during melting After several baskets of scraps have melted the refining metallurgical operations e g decarburization and dephosphorization are performed During the steel nbsp

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